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Undergraduate Programme in Business Administration and Management

240 ECTS credits credits


You will develop the knowledge and skills to lead and create the companies of the future through innovation and strategic thinking.

We encourage students to gain international exposure with study toursa group taught entirely in English and exchanges with foreign universities so that you become a versatile professional capable of developing your career in a highly competitive global environment.

Key Facts

Students will learn about economic relations in the global economy, the factors involved and the places where they occur.

Students obtain a global and comprehensive overview of all functions carried out in each department in a company (finance, marketing, etc.), together with their corresponding tools and common practices.

Students learn how to recognize and understand the basics of people’s behaviour in organizations, as well as identify the priority objectives in the work environment.


IQS is strongly committed to educational quality and has established several processes to ensure continuous improvement. Quality is ensured by the Quality Commission of IQS School of Management, a Quality department and a Quality Manual.

IQS is an institution accredited by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), the first international accreditation IQS is accredited by the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), the first international accreditation organisation for studies in the fields of business and accounting. All undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate level studies at the IQS School of Management have received this international accreditation and acknowledgement.

Job Opportunity

Company departments: finance, commerce, management control, marketing, trade-marketing, market research, information technology, international trade, sales, supply chain, quality, research development and innovation (R&D+I) and human resources.

Management of different areas: production, marketing and business, human resources and finance.

Service sector: auditing firms, consultancy firms, project evaluation, financial markets, financial institutions, banking, recruiting, insurance, marketing, publicity, research institutes, distribution, tourism and health.

Research area or enrolling in a master’s programme.


In public administrations within Europe, Spain or at the regional level.


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