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Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism

240 ECTS credits
4 Years years


  • Acquire a solid foundation
  • Promote innovation and sustainability in tourism.
  • The empowerment of students
  • Offer a strategic vision of tourism management
  • Business-oriented approach and entrepreneurship
  • Educate leading professionals
  • Focus in an international and everevolving sector


Tourism is one of the current engines of the world economy generating employment and welfarefor the whole of our society. For this reason, it is vital to maintain a high level of quality in the tourism sector, with the support of a university education to provide vspecialized knowledge** – a basis for innovation and growth-, and skilled people to contribute to maintain and improve the levels of competitiveness in the sector.

The Degree in Tourism CETT-UB is a university education approved and fully adapted to the requirements of the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA). From CETT-UB we have been working from the very beginning to achieve the highest degree of adaptability and ease of mobility of students. Given the multidisciplinary nature and numerous opportunities for professional development offered, the Bachelor Degree provides a curriculum that allows different levels of expertise in the field of tourism.

  • The curricular design of the Bachelor Degree in Tourism provides a corpus of training in higher education for the tourism knowledge that allows viewing and understanding this phenomenon from a global and international perspective. At the same time, it integrates the **development of the necessary skillsv needed for the profiles of management and tourism and hotel business managers.
  • It deepens in the creation, production, promotion and brokerage of tourism products and tourism and hotel services, and values the cultural and territorial resources, to design offerings that respond to the needs of tourists, demanding new and compelling experiences and emotions.
  • The Bachelor Degree allows students to choose between two pathways of specialization: the pathway for HOTEL MANAGEMENT and the pathway for TOURISM MANAGEMENT. The subjects and targets of these pathways respond to the major strategic challenges in the sector and, through a flexible program, they allow students to customize their own curriculumaccording to their interests and motivations.

Admission Profile Recomended

In order to guarantee a better transition from the pre-university period to university life, the recommended incoming student profile for future Tourism Degree students should meet the following recommendations, which will help the student during the first academic year of the tourism degree program:

  • Have a good level of languages, which is fundamental knowledge for tourism studies.
  • Basic knowledge of geography, economics, psychology, and mathematics (in some cases, l’EUHT CETT-UB offers introductory courses on these basic topics if students have not taken these courses before university).
  • Be willing to work in a dynamic sector, where initiative is valued.
  • An aptitude for dealing with people.
  • Skills related to leadership, teamwork, and project management.

Official University Degree:

Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism from the University of Barcelona and CETT Diploma of Specialization in Tourism Management or Hospitality Management