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In a privileged location on the northeastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula and the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain in both size and population. Barcelona is unequivocally a Mediterranean city, not only because of its geographic location, but also and above all because of its history, traditions, and cultural influences. Barcelona has also long inspired artists and architects, including Gaudi, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, whose works and influence can be felt and viewed in the city´s many museums and buildings. The deep blue Mediterranean background invites for a jog, bike ride or a long, leisurely stroll along the sun-drenched beaches.


Learn Spanish in Barcelona with our programs suited to your professional and personal needs. Choose between an Intensive Spanish Program or an Official Exam Preparation Program, add a private conversation class or take an internship. Our goal is to provide students the skills they need to communicate and express themselves in any Spanish-speaking environment. At don Quijote you will find a unique learning environment and methodology that, combined with our highly motivated and experienced professors, guarantees your language success. Return home feeling proud of your achievements!


Wander through the Gothic Quarter along cobblestone streets and dusky archways, then play your way through Gaudi’s glittering, colorful mosaics and magical shapes in Güell Park; have a glass of wine on a sunlit terrace and try some avant-garde Catalonian cuisine in the Eixample district, then take a stroll along the beach boulevard with a Mediterranean breeze that will take you into a Spanish dream world.

Our don Quijote school in Barcelona is located in the heart of the Eixample neighborhood, one of the most culturally rich neighborhoods in Barcelona. Many of the architectural treasures from Catalonia’s famous Modernismo period are found in this elegant and historic area filled with shops, quiet cafés, excellent restaurants, and cultural jewels of all shapes and sizes.
Our terrific location also allows students easy access to the rest of the city with easy-to-use public transportation options. It is a perfect place for students to begin their journey into the Spanish language and culture!

Exploring our neighborhood

  • BARCELONA SANTS TRAIN STATIONOur central location is surrounded by metro lines (including Rocafort, Enteca, Urgell, etc), six bus stations, and one of the main train stations (Sants), making it super easy to explore the entire city and beyond.
  • PLAZA DE ESPAÑAHere you’ll find a former bullring turned shopping mall, a museum, and an impressive fireworks and music show that will leave you astounded every Saturday!
  • SAGRADA FAMILIAJust a 15-minute subway ride to Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, an impressive cathedral that has been under construction for 100 years.
  • STUDENT RESIDENCEOur student residence in Barcelona, located on calle Diputació 108, is very close to our school.
  • EL BAR BARCELONAJust a few blocks from our school, a perfect choice for a break or a beer after class.

Intensive 20

Our Intensive 20 Spanish program consists of 20 weekly classes and is perfect for students who are eager to learn Spanish in a short period of time without sacrificing the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the local culture. Our experienced teachers focus on student participation and interaction by using real-life situations and topics to increase students’ ability to develop authentic language skills that are useful in the real world.

Student profile

Students who pursue the Intensive 20 Spanish Program are looking for a flexible program that allows them to experience a full linguistic immersion by giving them extra time to explore the city and culture.

Some students also like the added flexibility the reduced class hours give them because they can mold the program to their own needs by adding private classes or an internship program. Students particularly value having time to experience the culture and language both in and out of the classroom.

The students who prefer the Intensive 20 course are looking for a dynamic and interactive Spanish course with flexibility. There are 20 classes a week with a lot of free time for those who want to visit the city and discover new places.


This program includes 20 weekly group classes which generally take place in the morning in small group classes with a maximum of 10 students and an average of 6 students. The classes are focused on oral expression and comprehension, as well as written communication and interaction, all of which are essential in learning a new language.

You will be placed in your correct Spanish level following an oral and written placement test that you will take the first day you arrive at the school. We start every level every Monday. At the end of the program you will be handed a certificate documenting your progress, hours completed, and level of proficiency achieved.

This program is offered in all locations in all don Quijote schools in Spain and most of our destinations in Latin America.

Each class will take you one step closer to your goal: being comfortable communicating in Spanish. For this reason, we have created a language journey with different milestones for you. Inspiring professors, a proven methodology and motivated students is our winning combination. We offer 6 language levels in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. No matter what your level, we work to help you develop the appropriate language skills. Your language success is our success.

Listening Skills

Listening comprehension is one of the hardest skills to develop in language learning. This program is oriented to help you acquire techniques and strategies to increase your listening comprehension.

Reading Skills

We show you how to adjust your reading behavior to deal with a variety of situations, types of input and reading purposes. You will develop a set of reading strategies for each situation.

Speaking Skills

No matter what your skill level, we work to help you develop the level-appropriate speaking skills so you can communicate verbally with fellow students, your professors and locals.

Writing Skills

Writing is a great way to practice thinking and communicating in Spanish. With a little time and effort and the correct mechanisms taught by your teachers, you’ll be able to write fluently in no time.

Vocabulary Skills

In class you will always be challenged to widen your vocabulary and learn to express yourself with more precision, searching for new words that capture a particular feeling or situation perfectly.

Grammar Skills

You will learn how to construct sentences and paragraphs in a clear, precise way. Learning grammar will help you structure Spanish correctly.