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earn 240 ECTS credits


The objective of this Bachelor’s Degree is to train professionals specialized in culinary techniques, but also qualified to direct and manage a restaurant anywhere in the world.

It is not just about training the most innovative and advanced chefs, but also about guaranteeing the best training in professional management for the gastronomic and catering sector. That is why this is the only official Bachelor’s Degree that combines haute cuisine with management and mixes the key ingredients of food with the techniques to generate the most profitable gastronomic business.


At an academic level, the program is based on the following basic pillars of knowledge:

Pilar one: Gastronomy.
It encompasses all skills on the food product and culinary techniques. Learning everything about the nature of food and how to apply the best cooking techniques at all times, for each service, for each style, for each project. That implies (yes) stepping into the kitchen, but also entering the chemistry and nutrition laboratories. This means getting your hands dirty and trying again and again what you learn every week. If you think that gastronomy is learned only by studying, this degree is not for you. Our way of understanding gastronomy is by making it and doing it for real.

Pillar two: Business Management.
In this Bachelor’s Degree you will learn management and strategic direction with a practical approach applied to catering companies. We say companies because we do not just talk about restaurants, right? Catering companies refer also to hotel chains, cruise ships, catering services… and the food industry that is always launching new prepared food products, a market trend that is growing exponentially. A growing sector that not only needs chefs and labor, it also needs business and brains.

Pillar three: Languages.
Amidst the rise of international cuisine, you cannot be a professional in the sector without a good level of specialized English. That is why we offer complimentary English sessions for level improvement, subjects on specific English within the program and even the possibility of studying most of the first year entirely in English. You choose, but do not forget that you cannot stop choosing to have the right professional English skills.

Pillar Four: Creativity.
This Bachelor’s Degree integrates subjects related to creativity, design and artistic trends. This knowledge will give the student the ability to generate complete gastronomic experiences through the design of spaces, the creation of events and the generation of emotions.


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