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Master Executive Assistant Manager



Our Master Executive Assistant Manager is made for professionals that want to achieve excellence in their careers. We are looking for ambitious Assistant Managers that have already experience in the field, to drive their skills to the top.

We are very concern about the technological revolution that all enterprises, global and local, have to fit in nowadays, and so the skills of their employees need to be redefined. With this program you will learn the most actual sophisticated tools, knowledge and abilities to become a high profile Executive Assistant Manager in nowadays market.

Each session will be in streaming so you have all the facilities to combine it with your work or other duties you may have. This allows our students to have the flexibility of doing every class whenever it’s possible for them. The exams will take place also on our platform and must be done in the period established.


Our aim is to give the best opportunities to the best Assistant Managers of the new era we have to lead. Our students will reach excellence and will have all the knowledge and abilities to lead their role in the technological market.

This program will give all INSA Students the most actual and sophisticated tools, so they will be able to lead the demands on the digital era.

Job opportunities

Being enrolled in this program allows every Student to have access to our INSA Career Programs. We have our own agreements with many national and international companies, with whom we have worked many times and they post all their job vacancies.



. Marketing Intelligence


. Social Network Strategies

. Finance

. International Law

. Human Resources

. Translation and Interpreting


. Management Abilities

. Negotiation

. Coaching


Evaluation & accreditation

The evaluation system is on streaming, either for each session and the examinations. The student must have passed each subject independently. In addition, the student must have earned a minimum grade stipulated in the Business Plan.

Having successfully passed the evaluations the student obtains a diploma in Master in Executive Assistant Manager of INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School.

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