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Master In E-Tourism And Revenue Management



Master in eTourism and Revenue Management. Tourism moves the economy worldwide, being one of the most important industries that creates employment all over the globe. This is the reason why we believe it is crucial to mantain a high quality level in this industry with qualified professionals.

Our Master in eTourism and Revenue Management provides a deep knoweledge in digital tools and social networks, that allows our students to understand all the possibilities that they have nowadays when working on Marketing and Sales activities. Also, we provide all the keys to succeed with Revenue: optimization, KPI’s, etc.


– Give a deep understanding of all digital tools and social media strategies.
– Once you finish this course you will know how to implement all Marketing areas in the digital environment.
– All the knoweledge related to Income Management’s theory and methodology.

– Teach professionals with the aim of making an impact in Tourism’s Industry.

Job opportunities

– Income Management
– Hotel Director
– Catering or Restaurant Manager
– Sales Manager
– Food & Beverage Manager

– E-commerce expert

INSA offers the possibility to do specialized programms in different enterprises during the academic year.



Renovating the Tradictional Marketing’s Tourism
Digital strategies for Brands
Digital captures and segmentation strategies
The importance of communication plans
Digital website
Digital tools and social media strategies
Digital Marketing strategies to retain and achieve costummers
Website analytics: how to mesure and quantify e-tourism data


Income Management
Optimization Policies rate
Control, availability and overbooking rate
Team Management
Technological issues
Time Management
Analysis and implementation of strategies
Final Project

Evaluation & accreditation

The evaluation system is based on campus attendance and the elaboration of the final project.

Once you succeed the evaluation tests and you have the minimum campus attendance required, you will recieve a Master certificate in eTourism and Revenue Management, validated by INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School.

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