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Master of Science in Business and Strategic Management in Barcelona



Would you like to dedicate yourself to the management of different areas within a company? Thanks to the Master of Science in Business and Strategic Management in Barcelona this possibility will become reality. Not only will you learn from the best, but you will also receive recognition from ESERP and the UVIC-UCC.

The studies are taught entirely in English, the language used in the international business world, which will give you a big advantage when it comes time to join the workforce.

By studying this Master’s Degree, you will acquire executive skills that in the future will allow you to manage everything from the strategies of a business to their financial details. You will also learn how to evaluate companies in order to conduct negotiations and learn how to act in situations of economic crisis within a company.

But that’s not all. You will also learn about the internationalisation of markets, eventually being able to apply this knowledge in order to increase company profits. All of this with the help of technological innovations, something so important in all areas of business today.

So if you want to receive an education in business management and strategic planning in English, request more information about the Master of Science in Business and Strategic Management in Barcelona, no strings attached. What are you waiting for?

  • Good organisational, leadership and management skills.
  • Adaptability to change and innovations in technology.
  • Ability to provide a company’s senior management with strategic and operational plans.
  • Critical analysis and abstract thinking.
  • Quick identification, analysis and solving of problems.
  • Open-mindedness towards the socioeconomic and cultural environment.

As well as a high level of personal and professional cultural enrichment guiding day-to-day activities, ultimately transforming the cost of education into productivity for the business and organisations.

Career oportunities

These studies will provide you with the opportunity to develop your professional career in different fields, where you can work in areas such as:

  • General Management.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Accounting Management and Administrative Control.
  • Business Consulting.
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management.
  • Administrative – Financial Management.
  • Product, Sales & Brand Manager.
  • Innovation, Research and Development.
  • Production, Logistics and Quality Management.
  • Project Direction and Management.
  • Human Resources and Labour Relations.
  • Social Responsibility and Business Ethics.

Legal & Financial management area

Economic control and optimization of results. Economic analysis of managerial decisions.

Basic Accounting Statements: Balance Sheet. Profit and Loss Acount, Cash Flow Statement.
Cost terms, job costing, activity-based costing (ABS), cost allocation, variable costing and absorption costing, cost-volume-profit analysis and decision making.

Financial Management: Management strategy and value creation. Company assessments: mergers, procurement, joint – venture.

The goals & functions of financial management.
Financial analysis.
Working capital and the Financial Decision, ROI vs ROE.

Legal & Tax treatment of managerial activities.

National and international fiscal framework.
Social Headquarters. Taxpayer.
Management legal responsibilities.

Human Resources and managerial skills area

The social agents: union and employee head offices. Negotiation.

Performance development.
Talent Supply.
Strategic Business Partners.

Management skills. Leadership and motivation. Management teams.

Management styles.
Managing high performance teams.
The mentoring as a beneficial tool for professional development.

Managerial ethics and social corporate responsibility.

Ethics in management and the business disciplines.
Responsibility beyond compliance with laws and regulations.

Marketing departement & Commercial structure area

Company Marketing and Commercial Management

Marketing Strategy and styles.
Consumer analysis. Market positioning.
Structure and function of the commercial network: planning and achievement of objectives.
Commercial Plan. Strategy and implementation

Marketing Strategies. Digital Marketing

The brand. Meaning, concept and evolution.
Plan of strategic and operational marketing. CRM.
Digital Marketing Concepts. Website optimization.
Social Media. Corporate image.

Commercial management: organisation of commercial networks.

Types of Business Department.
CRM Customer Relationship management.
Social Media. Analysis and Measurement of social networks. Reputation.

GlobaliSation and internationalization of markets.

Competitive mechanisms of international markets.
Analysis of international markets. Geopolitical risk.
Internationalization process of a company.
Internationalization of marketing in the global economy


Production management, operations, logistic, and quality control.

The importance of operations management and align it with business strategy.
Quality dimensions and how to implement a Total Quality Management System in a company.

Technological innovation in business.

Introduce fundamentals of innovation and its influence in the competitiveness of the Organisations.
Innovation management: models and trends.
(*) Curriculum content, programming and materials may undergo some variation due to changes in academic planning.
(*) The order of the modules is indicative based on the scheduling of the Master’s Degree.


EU Students (European Union) in possession of a NIE
First payment €1,500
The rest will be paid in 10 consecutive monthly instalments of €660 from October to July €6,600


Non-EU Students (European Union)
First payment €2,500
The rest will be paid in 10 consecutive monthly instalments of €560 from October to July €5,600
Master’s Degree included in the incentive programmes of the Tripartite Foundation


* Special economic conditions for prompt payment
* Fees for diplomas and certificates are not included.

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