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Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering

90 ECTS credits. credits


IQS has been training chemists and chemical engineers who work for the leading companies in the sector for more than 100 years. You will become part of the professionals at the forefront of the chemical industry and you will have access to the best job opportunities in the sector, both in industry and research.

You will be trained as a professional, researcher, manager, and entrepreneur for the chemical-based companies.

You will acquire the knowledge for the development, search and preparation of products, processes, and services, as well as for industrial management and cost optimisation. IQS utilises project-based methodology since students work on real projects in large companies.

Key Facts

More than 50% of the teaching workload takes part in the laboratory

The Master’s Programme offers the opportunity to do the Thesis in companies or international universities

The programme makes it possible to take part in projects within leading companies of the sector such as Covestro and Repsol


IQS is strongly committed to educational quality and has established different processes to ensure continuous improvement through the IQS School of Engineering Quality Committee, a Quality department and a Quality Manual.

In 1995 a Quality Management Department was established at IQS School of Engineering; initially, the focus was on the technical services IQS offers industries, companies, and administrations. Since the year 2000, a large part of its actions has been aimed at implementing a quality system in the teaching field.

The manual of the Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC in Spanish) from the IQS School of Engineering of Universitat Ramon Llull (URL) was presented to AQU (University Quality Agency) for approval in the 2009 AUDIT meeting and was accepted on 22 April 2010. The Quality Evaluation Commission of AQU Catalonia met on 11 December 2012 and ratified the extension of the SGIC design to consider affiliation of the IQS School of Engineering for the AUDIT program.

Job Opportunity

The Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering will enable students to work as professionals in the chemical industry or similar industries. In these industries, chemical engineers carry out different functions such as: basic engineering, installations maintenance, general management, R&D coordination, and production management, among many others.

Students will be able to set up their own company or work as a researcher or professor in academic institutions.

IQS has a Career Service Office that helps students from the Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering with their job search once they have completed the programme.


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