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Postgraduate in eCommerce



Training in ecommerce and digital marketing is undoubtedly a fundamental tool to manage online sales efficiently. Know the keys to develop yourself as an ecommerce manager, and know all the necessart strategies to have success online.


– To assimilate the implications of the paradigm shift of the social web.
– Acquire technical and expressive skills for the production and management of online content.
– To know in depth the ecosystem 2.0 and to be able to develop strategies adapted to each environment.
– Acquire the necessary skills and strategic vision for a professional management of communities.
– Be able to design and implement a Social Media Plan aligned with corporate Marketing and Communication strategies.

Key Facts

  • Start: February 2019
  • Duration: Until February 2020
  • Modality: Presence-based modality
  • Place: Barcelona
  • Language: English
  • Price: 2.900€
  • Schedule Thursday from 19h to 22h

For who?

a) Graduates who want to expand their knowledge in the digital field.
b) Professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to add a differential experience or improve sales trhough e-commerce
c) Companies seeking staff expertise.
d) Graduates who wish to become professionals in electronic commerce and online marketing.

Professional Outings

– Social Media Editor
– E-Commerce Manager
– E-marketing Head
– Social Media Editor

INSA offers the possibility of doing internships during the period of Master’s degree.


· Digital Marketing Tools I
· E-Commerce Metrics and Analytics
· Conversions and Qualitative Analysis
· B2B-B2C Marketing and eCommerce
· Price studies and Market places
· Measurement of results and campaigns
· Main platforms for E-Commerce
· Usability, Architecture, Information and Development
· Mobile and Social Shopping
· Multichannel Solutions
· Organization and Processes
· E-Commerce development
· Business Intelligence
· Logistics and operations in E-Commerce

· Customer Support
· CRM and loyalty
· Omnicanality
· Case studies

Evaluation and Accreditation

The program evaluation system is based on continuous assessment of each of the blocks through class attendance and / or examination, so that the student must have passed each subject independently. In addition the student must have obtained the minimum grade specified in the final project.

After successful testing and evaluation of the program, as long as there is the minimum attendance required, students obtain the title of Postgraduate in Purchasing and Supply Chain INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School.