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Postgraduate Program in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry

16 ECTS + Final Project 2 ECTS credits credits


The Postgraduate Programme in Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry combines acquiring essential knowledge (classes, tutor sessions, round tables…), with developing negotiation and complex problem-solving skills (case studies, workshops, group work…). This programme is designed for students who wish to develop their professional potential in companies in the biotechnological or pharmaceutical sector. Companies in these sectors demand highly qualified professionals.

Several industry representatives will share real case studies related to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and global healthcare technology companies.

Key Facts

  • Obtain a complete overview of the Biotech and Pharmaceutical business
  • Understand and connect the different stages of the value chain in the industry
  • Provide real value to companies based on the practical knowledge acquired during the academic training.
  • Acquire excellent analytical capacity when faced with business situations and be able to apply it to the industry to solve problems with a new viewpoint
  • Learn to work in multicultural environments in which English is the main language.


The main aim of this Postgraduate Programme is to prepare future graduates for an international job environment within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries and be able to adapt easily to the respective work processes.

The specific objectives are: 

  • To understand how the forces driving science and business interact in the real world
  • To gain practical knowledge and to develop core competencies in order to become more valuable to employers
  • To develop key analytical thought processes and learn how to apply them in the industry
  • To learn how to work in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural setting where English is the primary language


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