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PhD in Bioengineering



IQS offers an attractive PhD programme suitable for students interested in research and innovation within the biotech field. Modern biotechnology has evolved towards integrating diverse disciplines including general biology, biochemistry, cellular biology, microbiology, genetics, bioinformatics, chemistry, engineering, and similar fields. The programme aims to generate knowledge that seeks to create goods and services using live organisms or their constituent elements.


Job Opportunity

This PhD in Bioengineering utilises this interdisciplinary approach to respond to the professional needs of the biotech industry and to provide scientific training for academic and industrial research.

In particular, the objectives of the PhD in Bioengineering are to:

Train doctors in biotechnology who are able to adapt easily and naturally to the changing scientific and technological environment in companies and research institutions.

Produce highly qualified professionals to work in biotechnology companies in Spain, with knowledge of both red and green biotechnology (healthcare and agri-food) as well as industrial biotechnology.

Contribute to technology transfer or solidify companies’ competitive biotechnology through research and innovation.

Maintain a high level of basic and applied research at IQS that allows the institution to transmit a permanent spirit of innovation while staying up-to-date with both new knowledge and methodologies.

Achieve a high level of basic and applied research in Spain in the different sectors affected by biotechnology: red biotechnology focused on the health and the pharmaceutical sectorindustrial biotechnology and green biotechnology dedicated to food.


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