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PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering



The scientific-profession interest of the programme is a reflection of IQS’s desire to offer quality Doctoral studies in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. This programme reflects the continuous path that IQS has been following since 1967, training PhD researchers in all fields related to Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Thanks to our graduates joining diverse sectors of industry (pharmacy, alimentary, paints or polymers) our alumni have significantly contributed to increased quality, competitiveness, and capacity for innovation.


Job Opportunity

The main objective of the Programme is to finish a doctoral thesis under the supervision of a PhD advisor while working in a research group. The supervised research period lasts between three and four years. During this time, PhD candidates will conduct original scientific research in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The doctoral thesis will result in a written dissertation and defence in front of an academic tribunal appointed for the purpose.

The objectives of this programme are:

To train new doctors in chemistry who can thus contribute to solidifying more competitive and modern companies; researchers who naturally grasp the need for investigation and innovation.

To awaken our students’ interest in becoming university professors and investigators by training them for this purpose, so that they can instil the desire of learning to learn to their future students.

To train research professionals who have the most advanced knowledge of their respective specialities, and who are capable of easily adapting to the ever constantly changing scientific and technological environment. Professionals who are conscious of the need to continue their education throughout their lives.

To train doctors in chemistry who have a profound sense of professional ethics and who are conscious of the impact that their activities have on both nature and mankind.

To maintain an elevated level of basic and applied research which allows IQS to transmit a permanent spirit of innovation in knowledge and methodologies at all levels of the institution.


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