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Undergraduate in Chemistry

240 credits


For more than 100 years, IQS has been training chemists and chemical engineers that work for the leading companies in the sector. You’ll form part of the professionals at the forefront of the chemical industry and have access to the best job opportunities.

The Undergraduate Programmes in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering share two years of study as a common which allows the students to decide their preferred track later.

Key Facts

IQS is strongly committed to educational quality and has established several processes to ensure continuous improvement. Quality is ensured by the Quality Commission of IQS School of Engineering, a Quality department and a Quality Manual.

Quality Management Department was established at the IQS School of Engineering in 1995; initially, the focus was on the technical services that IQS offers to industries, companies, and administrations. Since 2000, a large part of its actions have been aimed at implementing a quality system in the teaching field. The Internal Quality Control System Manual (SGIC) from the IQS School of Engineering of the Universitat Ramon Llull (URL) was presented to the AQU (University Quality Agency) for approval in the 2009 AUDIT meeting and was accepted on 22 April 2010.

The Quality Evaluation Commission of AQU Catalonia held a meeting on 11 December 2012 and ratified the extension of the SGIC design to consider the affiliation of the IQS School of Engineering for the AUDIT program.


The Universitat Ramon Lllull (URL) and its members have a long-standing tradition of establishing policies, strategies and actions to ensure the quality of the degrees it confers, the teaching activity within its institutions, the management of its centres, and the high level of applied research in its many academic areas.



Job Opportunity

Companies that carry out chemical and biotechnology processes, for instance in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, environmental technologies companies, and car industry or service companies.

R+D+I teams that develop and apply new products, chemical processes, biotechnological processes, technologies using raw materials and processes that treat and reuse industrial waste.

Public administration and education.

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