Are you thinking about studying in Barcelona? Think no more, just do it! Barcelona is one of the most vibrant, exciting and beautiful cities in the world! From the culture, the food, the lifestyle, the beach, the architecture and the nightlife – Barcelona got it ALL! 

Barcelona is considered one of the top study destinations in Europe and it’s easy to see why – it provides the perfect combination of culture and fun. We will in this blog post list a few of the reasons why we loved studying here 🙂

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Key Facts about Barcelona

Barcelona got a population of 1.5 million people, the 2nd largest city in Spain. However, the city centre feels small and almost everything is walkable, one of the many things we love about the city. It is the capital of Cataluña and the history goes back over 2500 years. The main language is Catalán, but people here are bilingual and also speak Spanish.


Beach & Weather

Barcelona got almost 5 km of beaches and the most famous one “Barceloneta” is situated right in the city centre. Because of the great weather almost all year around, we’re positive you will spend a great deal of your time on the beach here. Even in winter it never really drops below about 10 degrees Celsius. 

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Rich in Culture

Barcelona’s culture is something that brings tourists here from all around the world. We still haven’t heard anyone not absolutely amazed by the architecture here, like Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell and the old parts of the Gothic neighborhood. The Catalan culture is something you will feel throughout the city as well, not only language wise. Make sure you don’t miss the main festivals Sant Jordi and Festes De La Mercè. Cataluña was also the home of the cubist and surreal artists Picasso and Dalí. If you’re into art, you will not be disappointed in the scene in Barcelona. 

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Food is something super important for people all over Spain, not least the people from Cataluña. Across the city of Barcelona you will find some of Spain’s best cuisine, both in markets, small bars and bigger restaurants. Some of our favourite Catalán dishes are Escalivada, Botifarra and Crema Catalana. 


International Vibe

Barcelona is definitely the most international city in Spain. You will meet people from around the world who are here to either study, travel or work. There are also lots of international companies based throughout the city. Barcelona has been called the new “Silicon Valley” for all its international startups. So, if you’re looking for a truly international study abroad experience, Barcelona is definitely for you.



Barcelona is infamous all over Europe for its dynamic nightlife. From restaurants to bars and nightclubs, the choices are endless. Also, because of the city’s great weather – there are lots of outdoor activities too. One of the best areas for clubbing is Port Olimpic, whereas the Gothic Quarter and El Raval are better for restaurants and bar-hopping.


Cost of living

The cost of living and studying abroad in Barcelona is fairly cheap, especially if you compare to other cosmopolitan European cities like London, Paris or Milan. Eating and drinking out is affordable, but the accommodation is something that has become more expensive. You can also save money as a student in many ways. For example, students can get unlimited bus, tram and metro travel for three months with a T-Jove card for only €105. The “Bicing” is another great way to travel around the city. For €47 per year only, you can get access to the city bikes and there are 420 docking stations stations everywhere! Barcelona is very bike friendly, the streets are flat and the city centre is very small so you can get to most parts within an easy 15 min bike ride. 


Are there any university programs in English?

A lot of students ask us if they can study in English or if all programs are in Spanish or Catalán here. The answer to that is YES, you can study in English! You will be surprised with the scope of courses available in English, especially for master programs. The undergraduate degrees in Barcelona tend to be taught in Spanish, but there are definitely options in English too. 

You can read more about your English speaking bachelor programs here:

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Do you need a Student Visa?

For students who come from outside the European Union you need a student visa (Type D student visa). To apply for a student visa, you will have to submit the official documents to the Spanish consulate closest to where you live, showing that you have been admitted to a university program amongst other things. 

Please read our full guide on how to get a student visa to Spain here:

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Do you want to work while you’re studying?

If you come from an EU country, you can work anywhere in Spain as long as you have your NIE (Spanish ID number) and Social Security number.  

For non-EU members, it becomes more complicated. You will need a special permit. In this scenario, you are only allowed to work part time (maximum of 20 hours per week). You will have to find an employer though, that is willing to go through the process of hiring you legally. These jobs can be difficult to find. 

If you perhaps got a “practical work placement” as part of your studies and the company has an agreement with the University, you will not have to apply for a work permit.

Good luck with your future studies here in our beautiful Barcelona. We would love to help you make your dream of studying here come through. Just pop us an email or give us a call directly and we will help you – each step of the way 🙂