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Student Visa to Spain

We understand that the process of obtaining a student visa to Spain can feel quite overwhelming. Student Expat is here for you for any further questions regarding your student visa.

We are helping Non- European citizens get their long-term student visas.

About Students Visa

If you come from a Non-European Union country, you will need to apply for a student visa to Spain. It is crucial that you understand the various visa types as well as the requirements needed of obtaining your student visa.

This can be complicated and confusing, because often the information you find online is contradicting. Luckily, there is no need to feel discouraged, Student Expat´s experienced and knowledgeable visa consultants will guide you, each step of the way!

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Types of Student Visa

The type of student visa needed will depend on the duration of your stay.

  • If you plan to study for 3 to 6 Months you need to apply for a type D visa valid for up to 180 days (Visado D Estudios hasta 180 días). With this type of visa you cannot obtain a Residence Card for foreign students (TIE). Neither can you extend your visa from Spain, you would have to apply for a new visa from your home country.
  • If you plan to study for more than 180 days in Spain you would need to apply for the open-ended type D student visa (Visado D Estudios, Investigación). What the “open-ended” means is that you can prolong your student visa from Spain, without going home to your home country.
    This visa is valid for 3 Months. During this period of time you need to obtain a Student Residence Card for Foreigners (TIE). With the TIE card you can legally stay in Spain. The card is valid for a maximum of one academic year and can be renewed annually until you finish your studies.

It is important to know that you cannot apply for a student visa once you are in Spain, you would have to do it through the Spanish Embassy/Consulate in your country before entering Spain. A visa can never be changed once you are in Spain, e.g. if you enter Spain on a tourist visa, you cannot change that to a student visa. The only visa valid is the one obtained from the Spanish Embassy/Consulate before coming to Spain.

When to apply?

We recommend you to apply for your visa at least 8 weeks in advance. Some Embassies and Consulates demand an appointment. In others you can just leave your documents with them directly.

What documents to submit:

  • An Invitation Letter from your academic institution, including confirmation of the course fee paid in full
  • Completed visa application form (solicitud de visado)
  • National Passport and one copy of the Passport. The passport must be valid for the intended period of your stay in Spain
  • Two passport photographs
  • Medical Certificate from your doctor
  • Proof of financial means (you need to show for at least €600/Month, so that the Spanish Embassy or Consulate can see that you can afford food and rent during your stay)
  • Proof of payment of Visa application fee
  • Criminal Record Certificate
  • Depending on your home country, the Spanish Embassy/Consulate might demand Proof of Accommodation

*The Embassy/Consulate might ask for additional documents and the required documents might vary depending on from where you apply. Therefore, always check with them before applying for your student visa.

**All foreign official documents must be legally approved. If necessary, they must be translated into Spanish by an authorized translator.

What documents to submit:

You will apply for your student visa through the nearest Spanish Embassy/Consulate in your country. Normally you can expect an answer in 10-15 working days.

We understand that, even with this visa guide, the process can feel quite overwhelming. Student Expat is here for you for any further questions regarding your student visa. Please contact us and we will make sure you are in beautiful Spain before you know it!


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