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Finding the right school and program in Spain has never been easier.

Welcome to the most enriching experience of your life as a student in Spain. Join our student community today and become part of our network of inspired academics.

Student Expat is an initiative by a group of friends who all met one another while studying abroad. Our pay-it-forward community of international students and travellers has been conceptualised and created to help you find the right school and study program for you. You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of getting inside information through our shared stories, experiences and reviews.

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We’re a community for students, by students

Moving to a new country to study may seem intimidating, but we assure you that it’s also the experience of a lifetime!

We’ve been there, we’ve done that and we know the drill. Now, Student Expat is here to help you find your feet as a student in Spain – and make you feel at home!

We help you find the right school and program

Whether you’re looking to do your Masters or Bachelors in Spain – or simply taking a Spanish language course – Student Expat will guide you every step of the way.

From finding the right school in Spain to applying for the program that best suits you and even getting your student visa (if necessary), we are here to help you.

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Student Expat is an initiative supported by only the best, most credible schools in Spain. They fund us to help our students find the school and program. That means, we keep all our services our services completely free of charge for our students.

We put you in touch with a community of students in Spain

Have any specific questions about a certain school? Talk to a fellow student and get an insider’s perspective from one of Student Expat’s ambassadors who have already studied there.

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