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300 ECTS credits


It has been more than 40 years since Pharmaceutical Studies were introduced at CEU UCH. We have spent several decades training committed professionals in the field of pharmacy.

Training which is specially orientated towards care management at all levels (pharmacy office, hospitals, etc.). This characteristic which differentiates us is based on two factors:

– The curriculum, developed with a noticeable orientation towards the patient in its structure and in subject development.

– And the Pharmaceutical Practice Classroom, a pioneering space in Spain that simulates a pharmacy and where students interact with real patients and acquire skills in medication management. And all this from the first year.


We offer you the possibility of taking the CEU UCH Degree in Pharmacy Management and Pharmaceutical Marketing in parallel to your degree for free, which complements your training in one of the main areas of employability. You will thus increase your skills in strategic or financial management, stock management or in marketing planning tools, applied in a pharmacy environment.


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