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Undergraduate Programme in Pharmacy

300 ECTS credits credits


For more than 100 years, IQS has been training chemists and chemical engineers that work for the leading companies in the sector. You’ll form part of the professionals at the forefront of the chemical industry and have access to the best job opportunities.

The Undergraduate Programmes in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering share two years of study as a common which allows the students to decide their preferred track later.

Key Facts

More than 1,000 hours of laboratory-based coursework

Laboratories equipped with the latest technologies

Internships in research centres or paid internships in companies


The objective is to train experts in all aspects related to the pharmaceutical profession, offering an undergraduate programme with clear humanistic-scientific values. To do so, we combine a methodology based on direct contact with the professional world, scientific rigour and a commitment to offering an ethical and comprehensive education.

Job Opportunity

Companies that carry out chemical and biotechnology processes, for instance in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, environmental technologies companies, and car industry or service companies.

R+D+I teams that develop and apply new products, chemical processes, biotechnological processes, technologies using raw materials and processes that treat and reuse industrial waste.

Public administration and education.

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